Teece Family Vineyards  

Mt. Beautiful

Teece Family Vineyards reflects the dynamic entrepreneur’s ability to marry bold vision with strong execution. Driven by the desire to produce world-class wines in his home country, David Teece consolidated several farms on New Zealand’s South Island in 2000. David and Leigh Teece and their team of viticulturists were undeterred by the fact that the Cheviot Hills region was not synonymous with wine growing. They knew enough—namely that the landforms, the climate, the soil… everything pointed to Cheviot Hills producing exceptional wines—and they were right.

The team transformed a 70-acre section of the property from farmland into a vineyard, aptly named Mt. Beautiful, and five years later the first bottles were sold.

Today, Mt. Beautiful’s award-winning wines are sold throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.